State of Tennessee Large Mount Plaque


State of Tennessee Large Plaque
  • Printed on durable lightweight  composite material
  • Ideal for European skull mounts, antlers, fish, or any other small game mount
  • 34.5” wide x 9” tall, 3mm thickness
  • Vertical slot cut out
  • Patterns include Distressed American flag, Distressed Barn Metal and Realtree Edge
  • Plaque measurements may vary slightly
  • All products are made to order. 1-2 weeks of lead time prior to shipping
  • No Returns due to the handmade nature of the item

The lightweight State of Tennessee Small Plaque is a perfect option for your fish mount or other small game.

You can easily show off your small game from hunting season with your handmade State Plaque. The plaque dimensions offers prints on durable, lightweight composite material. State of Tennessee Small Plaque dimensions are 34.5” wide x 9” tall and 3mm in thickness; however, they could vary slightly.

The lightweight State of Tennessee Large Plaque is a beautiful piece to enhance the decorative quality of your game. You can customize your plaque with several different patterns. Patterns include Distressed American Flag, Distressed Barn Metal, and a Realtree Edge print.

Like all other products plaques are made to order and takes 1-2 weeks of lead time before shipping.

Once the plaque arrives, hanging your mount on the plaque can be done in six easy steps. For more detail, visit our Instructions page. Note, for your safety, please plan for one other person to be present when hanging up your plaque.

All Disclaimers:

• Wear gloves when handling due to sharp edges.
• Two people are required to safely hang the plaque and position the mount.
• Surface scratches will occur if any metal or sharp object comes in contact with the printed plaque surface.
• Drywall anchors are recommended if securing the plaque to drywall.

Unfortunately, NonTypical cannot offer any returns due to the handmade nature of the State of Kentucky Small Plaque.

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